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Cross post - enjoy - Orally_Yours! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cross post - enjoy [Nov. 29th, 2006|11:26 am]


I guess I was hungry. ;)

Somthing I posted as a reply to a friends LJ: M/m cock sucking

“Mmm, seeing that tasty looking cock of yours. Hard and aching. Mmmm” *licks lips* “What can I say... the sight of another mans cock makes my mouth water. Makes me ache to taste you.... I just can't help myself! I have to kneel down and get a closer look of that wonderfully cock!”

I reach out to stroke your shaft. “Mmmm, so hard, so silky!”
I stare, hypnotized by the sight of your throbbing cock as I stroke you.

“Ohh!” I moan as a drop of precum wells up at the tip!
“I... I just need to have a little taste.” I look up at you, questioning, pleading as I lean forward. My tongue licking up the drop of precum. “Mmmmmmm! So good!” My eyes close as I savor the taste, lost in pleasure.
“Mmmm...” I moan again as I lean forward taking the head of your cock into my mouth. Sucking it, licking it. Working my tongue around the head and slit, trying to get every bit of the taste!

Moaning louder, I suck harder, deeper. Working the head of your cock in and out of my mouth, My lips wrapped around your shaft. I want more! Need more!!

My tongue working at the underside of your cock, as I suck hard at you, drawing you deep into my mouth. Lips working down the length of your shaft, till the head of your cock is pressed against the back of my throat. I feel you flex and pulse as another drop of precum leaks from deep inside of you. Milked from your cock by my hungry mouth the taste exploding on the back of my throat!

“MMMMM!” I almost growl around your cock as the taste hits me! As I suck harder, deeper! Pressing my head forward, driving your cock into my throat. My muscles rippling, stroking your shaft as I suck and swallow, trying to take you deeper. Lips and tongue working on your thick shaft as I force myself lower onto your cock. Driving the head deep into my throat. My hand reaching up to grab at you, pulling your body hard against me as I impale my throat on your huge cock! Not stopping until my lips hit the base of your shaft. My face pressed hard against your body!

I suck and swallow my throat milking at your cock, hungry, demanding! I want to taste your cum! I want to drink you dry! My hand sides up to your balls, squeezing, caressing, urging you to cum. Finger tips stroking the sensitive skin beneath as I suck and swallow with wild abandon. Making wet sucking noises as my throat ripples and spasms around your thick cock!

I feel you throbbing, each pulse of your cock almost choking me, as you grow close! I am sucking so hard! Wild, demanding, trying to force the cum form our body as I feel you quiver and throb.

Your cock jerks! Throbbing hard in my throat, swelling and gaging me as you cum!
Hot and thick it pulses from your body! Every muscle going ridged as your slam against my face into my hungry throat! I go crazy! Gulping and swallowing, as you gush hot cum into me, pouring down my throat in orgasmic pulse after pulse!

Yes! This is what I want, what I need! My hands work at your balls, squeezing, milking as my throat gulps at swallows you! Over and over. Not wanting you to stop! Not letting you stop!
Hearing your screaming pleasure as I suck HARD, drawing the cum from deep inside of you, forcing you to keep cumming, to keep pouring yourself down my hungry throat! As I drain you, as I devour you. My only thought is of the hot cum gushing down my throat and my endless hunger for more!!

Cumming and cumming as my relentless sucking, my greedy swallowing rips the pleasure from your body. As I suck and suck and suck!

Till finally you are spent, exhausted. Quivering with aftershocks of intense pleasure as my hungry throat ripples around your softening cock. Still working hard to get every last drop of cum. To drink down all of you!

I suckle and savor your softened cock in my mouth. Till finally, reluctantly I pull myself away.
Your cum a warm, heave heat in my stomach.

I look up at you, momentarily sated, and ask. “When can I have more?”

[User Picture]From: irishgemini
2006-12-02 01:57 am (UTC)
VERY not bad.
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[User Picture]From: enjoystheshow
2006-12-02 03:08 am (UTC)
*big grin* Glad you liked it!
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