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A thought [Jul. 15th, 2007|03:52 pm]


This has been going through my head for the last week. A fantasy really....

Kissing deeply, hand on your thigh...moving higher, snuggling between them against your cleft...pressing....massaging.

Slowly undressing you, noting the darkened spot on your panties, testifying to your burgoning arousal.

Our eyes meet, locked together as I bend between your opened thighs. I look down and begin licking the edges of your labia...up then down, detecting small droplets of your wetness beginning to seep from between your swollen lips. Up again, savoring the sweetness of your juices, slipping between the folds, up and over your swollen clit. Flicking my tongue, your hips beginning to thrust upwards...your hands on my head making fists, fingers entwined in my hair...keeping me there, tight against your womanhood.

My finger entering you, beaconing against your "g" spot, my mouth gently sucking, tongue around and around your clit... your breaths now pants, in time with your thrusts.

One long moan and you explode within yourself as waves of your pleasure course through your body...thrusting harder against my tongue, slowly subsiding as your tension ebbs.

Only after this, will I consider my pleasure inside you...