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This is a community for oral appreciation, sexual and otherwise.



This is a closely moderated community
YOU MUST BE 18 years old to JOIN!
Moderators must be able to see your actual birth year
in your user info.

You will be denied membership if your birth year is not visible!

Members, feel free to post pictures of all your oral appreciations, likes, fetishes & especially Experiences!!.

Hard core and all other sexual-themed pictures should go to their respective communities (all of whom we ADORE and fully support. Please comment to discuss cross promotions)!

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Please assume all material to be NOT WORK SAFE! Regardless, all pictures should be placed behind LJ cut. All pictures should follow the orally_yours theme as outlined in the (ever-growing) interest section and be of all things oral only.

Pictures should be original or in other cases give credit to the model and photographer. Watermarking is always good to preserve copyright.
ALL MODELS MUST BE OF AGE AND 18 OR OVER!!!!! Anthing you post in the way of images or photo matter must be legal in every respect. You may post as soon as you're approved for membership but BE AWARE that ALL photo entries will be closely scrutinized for any underage models or Cross-thematic purpose

Please abide by the Live Journal rules of conduct, and you won't be banned or reported.
This means NO bashing or hateful comments of the racial, ethnic, gender/sexual preference, or religious kind.It WON'T be tolerated!

Homies who know me; Friends to our community.
(one of many sure to come...)

Any problems, questions or
concerns Your mod:

Don't lie, u want some love that will make u cry
17 tongues licking from the neck down moving in a quickspeed circular motion
round and round, I said it round and round,
like u like it, I can lick it like u like it.