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Insatiable [Dec. 2nd, 2006|03:25 pm]


Cross post. Insatiable

Lips around your cock? Mmmm that sounds like a wonderful idea. Mmm I would love to suck you, lick you, taste you. Suck the head of your cock, lick up the underside of your shaft. Caresses your balls. Stroke that sensitive spot underneath Mmmmm. The smell of your cock, the taste of you... driving me wild! Sucking harder at your cock, hungry, working to take you deeper! Till the head is pressing into m throat. A low grown of need as I suck and swallow Fighting against my own body as I work so hard to take you deeper. My throat, squeezing and rippling around your cock as I swallow and choke! I am not stopping. Opening wide I suck and swallow, My muscles milking your cock as I draw you deeper! Until my face is pressed against your body, your whole cock burred in my face. Ripping mussels squeeze you, stroke you as I swallow Hands working your balls feeling them grow heavy, and tight!

I can feel every throb and twitch of your cock. Working so greedily on your thick shaft. Till I feel you throb harder, twitching!!! YES! I moan around you cock as I feel you throb HARD, hot cum exploding down my open throat! Gushing in thick pulse after pulse as you cum! I gag, my throat squeezing even harder at you as I fight to keep up. Fight to swallow every last drop of your cum! Sucking and swallowing until finally you are done.
A small sound escapes me, a moan if disappointment, a whine for more!!
I keep sucking at your cock, working the last drops from deep inside of you. But I am not done!
I suck and swallow at your cock, using lips and tongue to keep you hard! My finger stroking your ass... then slipping up inside of you! Pressing up against the root of your cock! Making you throb and grow rock hard once more. It feels wonderful, the pressure deep inside as I milk you. You feel yourself building to another orgasm as I work your with finger and mouth. Moaning at the tastes of cum that leak form your cock.
Stroking and squeezing your balls just right! You feel such a growing pressure, such pleasure! As it builds and builds! Your hands grab my head as you pound yourself against my face. Wanting to cum, but not want the pleasure to stop! Building to almost a painful intensity! Till finally you cum again! A hot torrent of cum gushing into my gulping throat! Crying our as you pour into me lost in blinding bliss!!
Gushing over and over as I swallow it down, My relentless sucking seeming to pull it from you. Drawing it from deep inside! You keep cumming! Gushing over and over, my finger working in your ass, stroking you, Pressing the cum from inside of you into my hungry mouth! If feels incredible!
You can't stop! You keep cumming and cumming! As I suck you, drain you! Swallowing more and more. Each hot gush only making me hunger for more! Not stopping, not slowing keeping you cumming and cumming as I drain you dry!

Mmmmm, Yum! If it was possible I would never stop...... I would keep you cumming, keep drinking you down, forever.

[User Picture]From: irishgemini
2006-12-04 10:32 am (UTC)
Once again, VERY nice post. As soon as I get my energy back (I'm coming down with the flu, I think), I'm TOTALLY coming back to this and rubbing one or two out while reading this post.
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[User Picture]From: enjoystheshow
2006-12-04 03:40 pm (UTC)
*big grin* Why thank you!
I love the though of you doing that! ;)
(Sorry to hear you are not feeling well)
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