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Another cross post [Nov. 29th, 2006|11:35 am]



Mmmm facefucked hu? *wicked grin*
So you would like it if I grabbed your head like this? *reaches up to grab a hand full of your hair*
And shoved your face against my cock *Pulls HARD forcing your head down into my lap, pressing your face against my throbbing cock!*
would you suck it? Ohhhhh! Yeah I knew you would! *Gasping as you open your mouth and suck the head of my cock between your lips*
Mmmm, yeah, that is it! *Still griping your head I pull you up and down. Using your sucking mouth to stroke my cock*
Fuck you are good at this! *With a grunt of pleasure I pull harder, forcing your head down onto my throbbing cock. The head pressing into your throat!*
FUCK YES! *I scream and grip you HARD with both hands, thrusting my hips to drive my cock deep into your throat! Pining you in place with my iron grip as I buck my hips against your face! Slamming my cock deep into your throat with each relentless thrust! Fucking you, controlling you. As you suck and swallow, fighting to keep up!*
*My body pounding against your face, my heavy balls slapping against your chin ans you feel me throb, pulsing and swelling in your throat!*
YESS!!! *With a roar my cock explodes deep in you! Pulsing as hot thick cum gushes down your gulping throat!*
*Screaming as I force more and more of my cum into you. Gushing down your gulping throat, you can feel it hot and heavy in rout stomach*
*I keep cumming! Crushing your face against my body as I buck and thrust in your throat. Hot cum filling your throat. Choking you gaging you as you work to swallow it down! Relentlessly pumping more and more into you!*

*Finally I slow, jerking hard, spasming as the last few gushes of cum flow out of my cock. Still pressing myself deep into your throat. As I twitch and throb, making sure you swallow every last drop.*

*Finally I pull my semi hard cock from your mouth, sliding free.*
*I look down at you, smiling as I watch you panting, exhausted below me. You stomach feels so full! Stretched tight! A heavy hot ball full of my cum.*

*wicked grin*